The Second Principal Meridian
Paoli, Indiana

Ebenezer Buckingham established this initial point in 1805. The base line was started and the western point of Clark's Grant and run to the Illinois border. The meridian divides the state in half. By determining the lines in this manner the initial point falls in a heavily wooded area next to a dry stream bed.
In a December 1866 resurvey it was noted that the initial point was a stone marked S31. It is not clear whether that stone was placed in 1805 or 1866. None the less it is still there as the center photo shows.

In the mid seventies an attempt was made to make this a park. During A.W.'s visit he photographed a large granite monument that had been defaced but is completely gone now. The zinc plates used to make the copper plates were moved to a safer location at the Paoli Courthouse lawn. I have included photos which you should read if interested as they contain a lot of historical information. 


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The following exhibits clearly show the results of grid surveying. Highways and rural land ownership typically fall along these lines.



Topo Map

Aerial Photo

Path to the marker Historical Marker Marker enclosed in a triangular fence


Paoli courthouse and monument Memorial History of the location

Landmark Commission Vandalism