Initial Points of the Rectangular Survey System

C. Albert White

The Publishing House
PO Box 215
Westminster CO 80030

Published by the Colorado Professional Land Surveyors Educational Foundation


I obtained this wonderful reference book on Tuesday May 31st, 2005 the day before I left on a road trip to document, among other things, 6 Principal Meridians. This book proved to be a valuable resource as I made my journey.

Al White was born in Minnesota and at the age of 19 took a job in California as a chain man and record keeper for G.L.O. survey parties. After a term in the military and further education he eventually got his surveyors license #2563. During the next 12 years Al gained extensive experience surveying public lands in Oregon. While teaching at the University of Portland(1970-75) the author set his sites on affirming the history of the rectangular survey.

Al's book covers 38 Principal Meridians covering each initial point with a history taken from the field notes and other sources. There is also a photographic section showing his personal visit to each point.

Much of the information included in my PM project was learned from Albert Whites book.

John N Shankland