Choctaw Principal Meridian
Georgetown, MS

The Choctaw Initial Point was reestablished by GLO, BLM, Mississippi Association of Professional Surveyors and Mississippi State University in November 1997

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Jason W. Pepper
Paje Owens






I visited this area in June of 2005 and could not find the IP. Based on Albert White's book the original markers were gone and had never been reset. This was incorrect as the marker was reset in 1997. Not having much to go on or expecting a marker I didn't find it.


July 27th 2009: I revisited the Choctaw meridian and this time with some considerable effort found it. While it isn't really so difficult to find I had the disadvantage of not having a handheld GPS, only the one in my Jeep. The area is gated to eliminate vehicle traffic.  Walking up the road that is on the maps I found no sign of it. I called my great friend Rick Morton in the Chicago area  and using my spot sent him a GPS of where I was. He used Mapper and gave me directions on where the Meridian was.  Unfortunately it is near impossible due to heavy underbrush and thousands of berry bushes to approach this from the East as I was attempting to do.  I found myself unable to go any further and decided to walk out. On my way out, near the road I saw an old path that led to the west and eventually north and the marker was near the top of a ridge.

Below are some daylight pictures.

North West South
East The meridian marker is at the top of this path The IP with my Spot on it