Mount Diablo Meridian
San Francisco, CA

California always seems to do things in a big way.  The Washington Monument PM on Mt. San Bernardino has three monuments and Mt Diablo has one monument, but two "cross hairs".  As explained on the plaque, the original is a depression in the exposed rock and a 2nd is a bolt under the pillar. 

An outside plaque, pic attached, talks about the Civilian Conservation Corps building the monument and building between 1933 and 1942.  My brother, Harold Weston Holmerud, tells me he was part of that CCC team.

Getting to the monument is a very nice drive in the summer.  The top of the mountain is a CA State Park, with a nominal entry fee for day use by a Senior.  The road is paved all the way including an ample parking lot.  Bicyclists use the road for exercise since it is a pretty steep grade and the summit elevation is 3860.  My wife, Carol Young, took some of these pictures, so deserves equal credit.



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Historical Marker

Historical Marker